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About 2048 Cupcakes Game


People should start playing 2048 cupcakes game only if they’re OK with the possibility of it taking over their day or maybe night too. it is a classic puzzle with a simple goal – reach as more calories as it is possible. You can play Cupcakes on board with size 4*4. For moving the cupcakes, you must use your arrow keys. Move your colorful and tasty cupcakes across the grid and merge identical cupcakes into one. Plan ahead and watch out for new cupcakes spawning, that may prevent you from having more free space.

2048 Cupcakes Game

2048 online games can be played in a mobile or desktop browser for free. 2048 games is for people of every generation. Elder people need to know that 2048 cupcakes is a math-based puzzle game that encourages math skills. “2048 cupcakes” game is also accessible to younger players, who just like tasty visuals and playing at the same time. 2048 cupcakes game promotes strategic planning to maximize playtime before you’re out of moves.

It’s an easy-to-learn, tough-to-master game that people of all ages will love. 2048 cupcakes is a game as much about numbers (calories), as it is about space. You have a limited number of free squares, and each move introduces another tile into the mix.

But combine similar cupcakes and you’ve opened up the board for the new tile and simultaneously progressed a little further toward your goal. visuals, I mean cupcakes are so colorful and tasty, that makes you want to eat. you start playing with a vanilla birthday cupcake, then on the board appears chocolate peanut butter cheesecakes, toasted marshmallows, and many, many yamee cupcakes. I’ll give you guys one advice: Eat well before starting playing 2048 cupcakes.

2048 cupcakes game is a quite difficult game, and you don’t realize that until you first progress far into the game; In fact, you will play 2048 cupcakes game earning as much as 20000 or much more points where you earn in the low triple-digits, moving too quickly and mindlessly to realize you had made fatal mistakes so early on. For one, it’s actually difficult to lose for the first few minutes of play unless you have absolutely zero strategies.

Yet, get far enough and everything seems to fall apart before your eyes, possibly with a tile on board that makes you kick yourself and start again. The key, however, is to understand that this limits your movements. For me, it is better to use one direction, one corner for your strategy. This strategy hits a snag early on though when you discover that using two directions exclusively reaches gridlock pretty fast.

The pivotal point is to make sure that you have four tile in the row containing your highest multiple. Without that, you run the risk of having a low two tile take up space next to your largest one, a chance occurrence that proves near fatal to a play-through. If you have only three tile in the row of your highest multiple, the best way to avoid a disaster is to pull tiles towards your preferred corner until it has filled vertically, pull downwards to generate a new tile, and then immediately push back up.

Repeat until you have four tiles in your top row. This is because in cupcakes game a new tile will show up in a random spot but is exclusively two or four tiles, making building new multiples extremely easy once you have the space to do so, but awful if it shows up next to different ones in your top row.

There are exceptions to this where you’ll see that it’s evident you have an opportunity to combine tiles and move things around a little more deliberately for a more efficient progression. Meaning, the over-once-up-once strategy can be modified for moving to the right twice, or up twice, or any combination of those alternative moves to achieve a more compact board. However, early on you shouldn’t have the need to do that as long as you keep aggressively pushing toward the corner, moving right and then up when necessary.

It’s more difficult to do on mobile, given that you’re swiping your finger, but on the desktop version you can literally mash buttons and watch as cupcakes 2048 practically solves itself, making you look a bit like a chef confectioner in the process. Most importantly, never compromise your position on the board to combine tiles, as they will combine naturally if you move toward your highest-numbered tile. Only actively attempt to combine tiles by moving away from the direction of your corner when you know the corner tile can be kept in place.

In the end, I think 2048 Cupcakes game will attract women more than men, because the graphics in this game are dominated by pink, and pink is the color of girls. Moreover, only the female perceives the beauty and sophistication of these unusual cakes. Also, I think women are better players than men. Finally, I would like to see more games with an appetizing visual spread across the network, games that will help us have fun. 2048 cupcakes is just such kind of game!